About Us

Nemal Productions is a New York City based company that produces dance events around the tri-state area and the United States. Its sole purpose is elevating the urban street culture while featuring some of the best talent the world has to offer. We are here to shed light on this city’s raw energy and allow an outlet for the artistic to perform at its highest level.

Upcoming Events

City of Excellence

March 31, 2019

City of Excellence brings together the 4 pillars of Hip Hop within an entire 3day weekend: Breaking(breakdancing), DJing, Mcing and Graff urban street art. These four pillars represent the true meaning of the culture, peace, unity, love and having fun. With street dance being a very competitive artform, the matriarch event will be a cash prize 1 vs 1 breaking battle with the best in the world, featuring a performance by musical guest artist that’s central to the raw essence of city culture.

Ladies of Excellence

May 4 - 5, 2019

This dance intensive will feature 3 ladies of the professional dance industry. Women that have trained with the best and that have experienced performing with the best. Touring, music videos and, choreographing with artist such as Beyonce’, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Drake and Janet Jackson. These dancers can also be seen on the big screen, in films and series such as Step Up 2, The Get Down, The Deuce, The Greatest Showman, and Pose. In the spring of 2019 dancers will experience the up and the downs of what it means to be in an auditioning process. People I give to you “All Hail”

In the Deep 2019

July 7, 2019

In the deep is a joint collective brought to you by Nemal Productions and New York City Jack’s. It’s a competition series that features 4 genres of dance. Breaking, Popping, Hip Hop Freestyle, and House Dance. The event is a mix of an actual competition and a dance party morphed into one. This event unites the dance community under one roof to exchange and enjoy in the festive artistry of Street dance culture.

Chicken and Beer 2019


Chicken and Beer is a New York City based event, that upon entry you receive chicken wings and the days beer sponsor. This mega draw brings out some of the worlds best dancers. With countries taking part in the festivities like Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Korea. House dance and breaking are the matriarch performances of the evening. This is an event you never want to miss!!

We 2019


WE!! Is an urban art and city lifestyle event thats dedicated to the music lovers alike. Once a month WE!! come together to celebrate life, and creativity brought to you by the sounds of days phenomenal DJ’s, Producers and famed musicians. We!! Unites the realms of the culture, peace unity, love, and having fun.

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